Why expats need more wallets

Why expats need more wallets

When we packed to move to China, like most women I had several handbags, but I had only one wallet. It contained everything, from my bank card to shop cards, money, and all those small little things you carry randomly, a lost button you need to put back on a cardigan but never seem to do, small pieces of paper with notes, shops receipts, name it.

When you move your full daily life to another country, what happens to this? Yes, you do finally sew back that little button to your cardigan, BUT, what of your loyalty cards, the change you still have in €uro or US $? Well, as you are about to start a second life, but you will get to go back home at least once in a while to see family and friends, it’s time to shop for, AT LEAST, a second wallet.

Don't waste your time looking for the right currency or the misplaced U-Bahn ticket, buy a new wallet.

Don’t waste your time looking for the right currency or the misplaced U-Bahn ticket, buy a new wallet.


















As an expat of 2 years (still a baby compared to many friends), I have 3 permanent wallets: One for China, one for the UK, one for continental Europe. And yes, I have made my choice according to the currencies I mostly use and countries I get to go to the most regularly. It allows me to keep and store in each one the things that I actually need the most for every country I get to be in at least once a year. That includes such practical things as coins for trolleys in countries where I land, loyalty cards, restaurant/hotel cards for taxis, underground mini maps, public transport tickets/cards from previous journeys etc. When I pack, wether to head back to Europe, or fly back to my alternative home in China, I pack my wallets.

And just because I’m a woman, and I can see a certain amount of temptations floating around me in shops, I recently acquired a fourth wallet. A lovely little one that I have started filling with leftovers of currencies of countries I have been to over the past couple years for holidays.

And if you think those ideas only apply to women, think again. My husband may be getting a third wallet very soon!

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